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Beyond Tax Preparation in Pompano Beach, FL: I Also Specialize in IRS Resolution!

Upland Tax is known for the professional tax preparation services that I offer in Pompano Beach, FL. However, I don’t just help my clients with preparing their income tax returns — I also assist them with solving tax-related issues! If you’re looking for dependable IRS resolutions services, don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

What Does a Tax Resolution Specialist Do?

Dealing with an IRS audit can be difficult and stressful, especially if it’s your first time to go through one. So, if you have been informed by the IRS that you will be audited, it’s best to hire an expert who specializes in IRS resolution. This specialist will study your financial paperwork, and they will liaise with the IRS on your behalf and provide all the info necessary to complete the audit. If you lack certain paperwork, they can also explain the situation to the IRS and ensure it won’t have a negative impact on your audit.

Once the audit has been completed, the IRS will provide the results to you. Depending on the IRS’s findings and calculations, they might discover that you owe additional taxes, which you need to pay within a certain time frame. You can accept their decision and make the required payments on the given time and date, but you also have the option to file an appeal. Your tax resolution specialist will help you negotiate with the IRS to reduce the amount that you need to pay and convince the agency to agree to a settlement instead of dragging the case to court.

My Competitive Edge

I have been working on tax-related matters for 15 years, and my experience has helped me develop my skills and gain a more in-depth knowledge of tax laws. These, in turn, give me the expertise to resolve tax issues in a highly efficient way. I handle almost all types of tax problems so, no matter what issue you’re dealing with, you have the assurance that I can help you.

Get in Touch With Me

When it comes to IRS resolution, Upland Tax is one of the best experts that you can trust in Pompano Beach, FL. Call me now at (786) 273-0802 and book an appointment with me! You can also contact me if you need world-class tax preparation services and other solutions.